Almost every day I drive by the Riverhouse and if it’s dinner time their parking lot is typically full. And for good reason they have some of the best BBQ in Montana maybe even in all of the South. The rub that’s used on the grilled wings is exceptional. The wings are tender and flavorful. Last time I was in I ordered the wings for the table as an appetizer then ordered them again for my entree. All right, I hadn’t had their wings for a while.

With river front access, ping pong, pool and an open floor plan they boast a family friendly environment at least in the early evening. The three piece fried chicken dinner served with corn bread, cole slaw, and beans is ridiculously reasonable at seven dollars. They offer specialty drinks, limited wines, Cold Smoke on tap and Rainier in the can.The atmosphere is warm and inviting I mean that literally they have a wood burning stove that seems always to be well stoked in the winter months. The only chilly place I’ve found is the far back corner of the dining room. They offer free popcorn and that helps to pass the time and control the appetite because on occasion their ticket times are pretty slow. All in all I’m amazed at what the owners Kyle and Greg did with that place. I give the Riverhouse an A+.

Montana Chef
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Montana Chef