Grocery Shopping and Pantry Stocking

Arrive to your Big Sky home knowing that your kitchen will be stocked with all the items you need. Whether its that hard to find wine or specific type of dish soap, let me do the shopping.

For smaller grocery orders and orders that are very time sensitive, we’ll do your shopping locally at the Hungry Moose Market, Roxies Market and the Country Market. For specialty items and orders with longer lead time, we’ll do your shopping in Bozeman.

Meal Delivery and Drop Off

Not only are my meals hand-prepared for your event/family, but I will also bring them to you if you are within my area. It is of utmost importance to me to make sure that my clients get the best experience possible. With these trying times with COVID-19, I will take appropriate measures to ensure everyone’s safety.

If you are interested in using my meal delivery service but cannot leave your home, please reach out and I can assure you that we can arrange something.

Drop-Off Menu


  • Meat and cheese platter – some of the best cheese and cured meats available with fresh berries, nuts and crackers (vegan cheeses available upon request)
  • Spinach and artichoke dip – with artisan crackers and vegetables
  • Antipasto platter – olives, artichokes, fresh vegetables and hummus
  • Ribs – smoked single bone pork ribs with BBQ on a bed of crunchy cole slaw


All salads available with chicken breast

  • Greek salad – romaine, feta, olives, red onions, mild pepperoncinis and cherry tomatoes
  • Strawberry and almonds – spinach, fresh strawberries, queso fresco, toasted almonds with poppy seed dressing
  • Arugula – pistachios, fresh parmesan, toasted cracked pepper, dried berries with lemon and olive oil
  • Tabbouleh – bulgar, parsley, mint, tomatoes, green onions and lemon
  • Caprese – tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, aged balsamic

Main Course

  • Lasagna – red sauce, ground beef, Marzcapone, parmesan, mozzarella and Italian herbs
  • Vegetarian lasagna – same as traditional using meatless ground beef
  • Poached King Salmon – with green cous-cous, fresh herbs, pistachios and lemon
  • Baked Mac and cheese – from scratch with panko and parmesan topping
  • Beef tenderloin – with roasted sweet potatoes and demi glace
  • Chicken pot pie – traditional ingredients including thyme, peas and carrots


  • Steamed broccoli – just salt and pepper
  • Cauliflower steaks – olive oil and toasted black pepper
  • Spaghetti squash – butter and parmesan
  • Roasted root vegetables – olive oil and fresh herb

Custom Desserts

Available upon request

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