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  • Classic Italian Osso Bucco

    Osso Bucco is a classic Italian braised dish made with veal shank, fresh herbs, tomatoes, and wine. Osso  Bucco was first introduced to me the second year I worked in a commercial kitchen.  The chef I working for patiently walked me through the braising process.  I was privileged and extremely enthusiastic. What’s not to like…

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  • Pancake Mix

    So while I’ve been waiting for my business to metamorphosize into a multi-national conglomerate I’ve been making my three year old son lots of pancakes. Along the way we’ve had Buttermilk Krusteaz, Bisquick, Hobson Mill whole wheat and homemade. Among the store bought brands Krusteaz is my favorite. If you’re in a hurry an added benefit is…

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  • Mexican Style Rice

    A Mexican chef in North Carolina introduced me to “authentic” Mexican rice. He was a willing teacher and me, coming from Montana, I was amazed that I had the privilege to work with an experienced chef who was knowledgeable about such a variety of Mexican dishes. He made tasty carnitas finishing the cooking process of…

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